Angular Learning

Last few months I was working in angular for the project pursuit space. On the basic of the project I have learn few things in angular. I have created a resume wizard component for pursuit space which involves few steps to complete the wizard.In the resume component I have used material UI stepper to implement wizard form. It helps me to understand how to use material UI components in the project. While working on the project the stepper is not validating each step. Finally I figure a way to solve that. Then I learn how the values are coming from the API. It took me lot of time to complete the component. after finishing it now the form component looks easier for me to create again. The component is able to add and edit the resume for the user.

Thing I have learned while working.

  1. How to create new component in angular.

  2. Work flow of the project

  3. How angular works

  4. Learn to work in forms and stepper

  5. Validating the from

  6. API response

  7. Angular material.

These are the thing I have learned while working.