How this site is built?

By: Varghese Chacko 1 year, 11 months ago

“We need a website with blog!” That was the call. Thank you for being here. This is the website site for Atemon Technology Consultants LLP. A software engineering firm needs a website. First version was a plain HTML single page website with no dynamic content. Now we are going to take the company to next level and we wanted a better website with a blog to make it a place that share knowledge. We hope we will keep this blog a technical one.

“ Which platform? ” - was the bigger question.

“Wordpress” - came the obvious answer;“but...”, yes there was an uncertainity.

The obscuring had multiple reasons. The prominent one was, we are more into python, than PHP and nobody wish to get out of their comfort zone. It raised two questions.

“Is there a dedicated blogging platform in Python/Django ?”

“Why cant we build our own ?”

The later was turned down as we didn’t want to re-invent the wheel till we really needed to. A quick Googling showed up a bunch of great Python platforms. So we started reviewing those appeared promising, simple and easy to customize. We learned that mezzanine is a nice platform on Django/Python and has good applause from the community. We thought of having a Mezzanine instance for company website, as we had multiple developers good at Django. The proposal was easily accepted.

I thought of taking the responsibility and got approval from the team. The mezzanine’s website had the clear-cut instructions about installation and configuration. By default, we build python projects in the virtual environment only. So I created a virtual environment and started working on it.

How long ?

It took eight hours to install and customize the template. It took bit long as I was new to mezzanine. Took nearly two hours to install other dependancy, optimizations like minification and compression and deploy to heroku.

The site was up in 12 hours including lunch & coffee breaks. Waiting for designers to come up with updates and enhancements.

How to configure Mezzanine will be covered in another blog.

So here it is. This is a Blog + Website that is built with Python, Django, Mezzanine and hosted on Heroku!

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