Q objects (django.db.models.Q) is an object used to encapsulate a collection of keyword arguments.

from django.db.models import Q

 Q objects can be combined using the & and | operators.

Q(name__startswith='p') | Q(name__startswith='r')
Which is equivalent to the  SQL WHERE clause:
WHERE name LIKE 'p%' OR name LIKE 'r%'

Q objects can be negated using the ~ operator, allowing for combined lookups that combine both a normal query and a negated (NOT) query:

 Q(name__startswith='p') | ~Q(start_date__year=2005)

If you provide multiple Q object arguments to a lookup function, the arguments will be “AND”ed together. For example:

    Q(start_date=date(2019, 5, 2)) | Q(start_date=date(2019, 5, 6))

This is equal to SQL statement:

SELECT * from course WHERE name LIKE 'p%'
    AND (start_date = '2019-05-02' OR start_date = '2019-05-06')