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PEP-8 Style Guide for Python Code and its importance in daily affairs of py...

Varghese Chacko 3 years, 6 months ago

Pep-8 is the Style Guide for Python Code. As many of you know, PEP is "Python Enhancement Proposals". They provide standard reference points to write code in pythonic way. PEP-8 is the style guide for writing python code. It aims at providing recomendations and satandardize the formatting, naming convensions, proper commenting and more. The zen of python says "Readability counts" and it evolved with the fact that "Code is read more often than it is written". If the code is not readable, it's not understood. If it's not understood properly, it can't be maintained. If it can't be maintained, it will be eventually discarded. The PEP-8 helps you in writing maintainable, long living code. PEP-8 is available at he official python site here

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