Infinite iterators in Python image
Infinite iterators in Python

An object representing a stream of data. Repeated calls to the iterator’s method (or passing it to the built-in function) return successive items in the stream. When no more data …

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Difference between null=True, blank=True in django image
Difference between null=True, blank=True in django

The main differnce for null and blank is null=True/False related to database blank=True/False related to form validation, used when is called. Simply defines database should accept NULL values, on other …

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HttpRequest methods image
HttpRequest methods

HttpRequestrepresents an incoming HTTP request, including all HTTP headers and user-submitted data Returns the originating host of the request using information from theandheaders,in that order only ifis enabled. Example: Note …

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Django Signals image
Django Signals

Django Signalsallowsdecoupled(independent) applicationsget notified when certain events occur elsewhere in the framework with the help of 'signal dispatcher'. The'signal dispatcher' is Django's mechanism usedto send and receive messages between different …

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Defining and sending django signals image
Defining and sending django signals

Defining signals class(providing_args=list) All signals areinstances. Theis a list of the names of arguments the signal will provide to listeners. This is purely documentational, however, as there is nothing that …

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Generators in Python image
Generators in Python

Generators are used to create iterators, but with a different approach. Generators are simple functions which return an iterable set of items, one at a time, in a special way. …

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__str__ vs __repr__ in Python image
__str__ vs __repr__ in Python

Both and are used to represent objects in different ways.The default implementation of for a string value can be called as an argument to eval, and the return value would …

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The as-if rule image
The as-if rule

Allows any and all code transformations that do not change the observable behavior of the program. Explanation The C++ compiler is permitted to perform any changes to the program as …

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HttpRequest attributes image
HttpRequest attributes

Djangousesrequest and response objectsto pass state through the system. When a page is requested,Djangocreates an HttpRequestobjectthat contains metadata about therequest. Then Django loads the appropriate view, passing theas the first …

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Get a file's size with C++ image
Get a file's size with C++

std:: experimental:: filesystem:: file_size (added in C++17) makes thisstraightforward. Returns the size of the regular file, determined as if by reading themember of the structure obtained by POSIX stat(symlinks are …

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Git aliases image
Git aliases

The term 'alias' is synonymous with a shortcut. Alias creation is a common pattern found in other popular utilities like `bash` shell. Aliases are used to create shorter commands that …

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Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in simple words image
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in simple words

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is an attack that forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which they're currently authenticated. CSRF attacks specifically target state-changing …

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Django Q objects image
Django Q objects

A() is an object used to encapsulate a collection of keyword arguments. objects can be combined using theandoperators. Which is equivalent to the SQLclause: objects can be negated using theoperator, …

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Is autoescape off in django safe? image
Is autoescape off in django safe?

The autoescape would be a protection against cross site scripting, not sql injection. Turning autoescape off would mean you trust what is in "text", wherever it came from, not to …

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Merging two Dictionaries- Python image
Merging two Dictionaries- Python

There are various ways in python to merge Dictionaries. Few of them are shown below. By using update()By using update() in Python, one list can be merged into another. But …

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