Varghese Chacko

Varghese Chacko

Organizations Worked for:

  1. MACFAST, Tiruvalla (2004)
  2. Spectrum Softtech Solutions, Kochi(2005)
  3. CyberSurfers Inc, NJ, US (2005 - 2013)
  4. Freelancer (2011-2013)
  5. Nuventure, Kochi (2013 -2014)
  6. Auberon, Kochi/Cherthala(2015)
  7. Freelancer (2016 - Till date)
  8. Atemon, Kochi (2017 -Till date) 

Hands on Experience in:

  • Software Development
  • Software architecting
  • Database Design & Optimization
  • Linux Administration
  • Project Management

  • Python
    • Django
    • Flask
    • Qt
  • Perl
    • mod_perl
    • Dancer
    • Catalyst
  • PHP
    • Laravel
  • Java
    • AWT
    • Swing
    • Applets
  • VC++
    • MVC
    • TSRs
    • Hooks
  • JavaScript/Typescript
    • JQuery
    • Angular JS
    • Angular
  • DBMS
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • ZODB

"Varghese Chacko really is a guru when it comes to creating the exact script that I wanted. He is very knowledgeable and even made suggestions to make the project better..."
-- Kristof V, United States

"Varghese is an amazing developer. Stop searching and just hire him for your project. Not only completed the project in an top leve but also advice me and help to make it work even better. He is a genius. He must be the best developer here! Huge knowlenge about python and django develepment.
-- Christos M, Greece

"Varghese CHacko went above and beyond what I was asking. It was obvious he took my projects seriously. Guess I really luck out this time."
-- Francisco, United States

"I am so very grateful that I worked with Varghese to enhance our email marketing software! The service, communication and accessibility were absolutely outstanding. He provided excellent care. He introduced me to new solutions, figured out some of the most challenging coding sequences and structure, and his proficiency at writing PHP code on the spot is just amazing. He is patient...I've told him numerous amount of times about new problems, bugs arising from "bad" code written by previous developers and he fixed them without hesitation. He is very detail oriented, and efficient. Varghese has truly made it an enjoyable experience working through Skype"
-- Roshan Jonah , New Zealand

"You can't go wrong with Varghese Chacko. He's a go-getter and very knowledgeable. We had a tricky database issue and went above and beyond to resolve it. This is the guy you want to hire."
--Dc D., United States

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